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Learn about Direct SBA loan rates and fees

We’re are a dedicated marketplace for SBA loans— Assisting small businesses in successfully funding loans for the entire United States. Get rates as low as 7.00% and Capital up to $6,000,000 with Direct Merchant Funding.


$30,000 – $6 million


7-10. 25%


5-10 years

We are committed to help even more small businesses accomplish their goals.

How much better are SBA Loan rates?

Getting funds for your business is one side of the journey to growing your business indeed.  Yet there is another aspect which can become very stressful which is the rate and term of funds offered to your business.  At a glance you can see that the SBA loan due to it’s gov. backing tends to be superior in best rates.

Alternative Loans

Fixed Rates

15% – 45%

Funding Process

1 – 14 days

Typical Payment For A $100,000 Loan

$12,000 per month
(daily payments required)

SBA Loans

Estimated Apr

7.43% – 11.04%

Funding Process

as fast as 7 days

Typical Payment For A $100,000 Loan

$1,227 per month
(no daily payments)

SBA for Realestate/ Refinance

Typically offered through our circle of banks and funding groups that partner with the SBA. For each loan authorized, a government-backed guarantee offers serious credibility, since our lenders are aware that should you stop paying on the loan, the government pays off the balance. For a number of uses, the loan capiatl can go towards, such as:

Commercial Real Estate

$500,000 – $5 million

7.00% to 8.25%

(Prime Rate plus 1.50% to 2.75%)

Debt Refinancing / Working Capital

$30,000 – $350,000

8.25% to 9.25%

(Prime Rate plus 1.50% to 2.75%)

Documents Required to Apply for an SBA Loan

Direct Merchant Funding SBA Loan program for small business

Our SBA banks increase the chance of getting an approval

And funding your loan.  We do our part by assisting and providing the leverage needed to secure working capital.  Grow with affordable capital options.  

Our specialists are highly experienced and dedicated to getting matched with the best programs for your business needs

Get pre-qualified for SBA, bank, and more Loan in minutes

Get pre-qualified for a loan program with NO IMPACT to your credit score.

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Quick and Seamless Process with Affordable Results

Direct’s business capital market place has it all from SBA & Term Loans to Working Capital with no collateral needed.  Options that work for your business.

SBA Loans are among the most affordable loans to grow and save your business thousands

As you decide to go with an SBA, Bank Term loan, or alternative type program we’ve simplified the application process in a few steps fast and easy with no confusion.  Direct Merchant Funding.