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SBA loan requirements and Qualifications

We’re are a dedicated marketplace for SBA loans— Assisting small businesses in successfully funding loans for the entire United States. Get rates as low as 7.00% and Capital up to $6,000,000 with Direct Merchant Funding.


$30,000 – $6 million


7-10. 25%


5-10 years

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Requirements business needs when applying

Although there are many items that need to be checked off to complete and successfully get approved for an SBA Loan below are the bare essentials that must be met.  We not only help you to ensure you fully qualify, but we also leverage our system of SBA lenders to match you up with lenders that approve of your specific business profile.

Main requirements for SBA Refinance Loan

While these are the main requirments for SBA Refinance loan, should you not qualify we strongly recommend you getting a prequalify quote to view all of your options from the traditional to alternative financing programs as well.  Let Direct Merchant Funding assist you in determining the best program for you.


Business owners must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents


Bankruptcies or foreclosures in the last 3 years

2+ years in business

Outstanding tax liens

Business owners must have personal credit scores above 640

Credit Score below 450 (most cases is minimum)

Cash flow to support loan payments

Business that will not qualify:

The SBA will not approve certain business types like
Gambling on (or offline in most cases), Life insurance, Spiratual doctrines or Religious teaching, Primarily political and activities for lobbying, oil wildcatting/drilling, mining, mortgage service, real estate development, or exclusive/private club membership business, Bail bondsman, or Pawnshops.  You’ll find though, that more types are approved than disapproved.

And, what if I don’t qualify?

We have a variety of loan and business financing programs for businesses that are not able to qualify for an SBA loan at present or at the time when capital is desired. Our system gives the ability to provide a fast and easy approval process with affordable payments and great rates, Our market place increases the chance of getting you an approval. These alternatives can be a good product for times where money may be needed a lot faster than what the traditional process may take. 

Our SBA banks increases the chance of getting an approval

and funding your loan.  We do our part by assisting and providing the leverage needed to secure working capital.  Grow with affordable capital options. 

Documents Required to Apply for an SBA Loan

Direct Merchant Funding SBA Loan program for small business

Personal & Business Tax Returns

Directapplicant must submit the 3 most previous years of business and personal tax returns.

Provide Financial Information

A Personal Financial Statement is required from each individual owning 20% or more of the company.

Provide Financial Information

We also require Financial Statements for each each individual owning 20% or more of the company at the time of application.


A Personal Financial Statement is required from each individual owning 20% or more of the company.

Other Documents

Like an “Income Statement,” or a Profit and Loss Statement to measure a financial performance over a specific period of time. Banking statemens, business license, etc. may also be required.

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