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We’re are a dedicated marketplace for Small Business loans— Assisting small business owners in successfully funding their dreams across the entire United States. Get rates as low as 7.00% and Affordable Capital options up to $1,000,000 with Direct Merchant Funding.


$15,000 – $5 million


7.00% – 9.25%*


6 months – 5 years

        We are committed to help even more small businesses accomplish their goals.

We are committed to help even more small businesses accomplish their goals.

Why choose a working capital loan with Direct?

Not all loans are created equal.  With that said the traditional SBA loan maybe among the best, but this process can be cumbersome and often results in a declined application due to lack of qualification or unable to match with the right lender.  Direct Merchant Funding makes it simple for you to apply for working capital options, helping you to get approved with the lender most likely to meet your needs.

You can use the capital in a plethora of ways to fund your business:

 How This Works

  Direct Merchant Funding working capital programs for small business

Pre-qualify With No Impact to your Credit Score

Pre-qualify in minutes without disturbing your credit score.  Easily provide basic information and we’ll automatically let you know if you pre-qualify for a business loan from $30,000 to $1,000,000.  If you don’t qualify, you may meet other program requirements without applying again or resubmitting information over and over.

Provide Your Financial Information

let us know how you plan to use your business capital, and provide us with financials about your business.  This allows us to match you with the programs that are affordable and best fit for you to get funds and repay them.  Your Direct loan experts will be there to assist you thru the process from start to finish.

Get Your Funds Deposited to Your Account

Once we review your financials, and the needed documents for your application, we’ll ensure your business has the cash flow to afford and make your loan payments.  Funds can then be in your bank account as soon as a week after your application is submitted and approved.  Once you receive them, use funds how you see fit. 

  In many cases, a good loan means growth

By using our low cost working capital loans you can save and significantly add to your cashflow. Giving your business the room needed to grow.


In many cases, a good loan means growth

By using our low cost working capital loans you can save and significantly add to your cashflow. Giving your business the room needed to grow.

Let Direct Merchant Funding help secure capital for your business

Pre-qualify in minutes without impacting your credit score from $30,000 to $350,000. Learn your options with submitting basic information.  Our simplified process makes it easy for your business to get started and secure the best capital term for you.

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View your options in minutes with our no obligation policy, no impact on your credit score, free pre-qualification quote today. 

A marketplace for true growth.

What clients of Direct say...

Clients of Direct say...

Lisa Brighton

Owner, Delicate Edibles

"After a friend of mine mentioned she was able to renovate her entire kitchen thanks to Direct Merchant, I decided to give it a go. I was shocked at how little I had to do once they took over, and I will certainly be passing the recomendation on" 


Christian Miller

Co-Owner, DC's Cycle Shop

"When we needed money to purchase a piece of equipment we were getting a deal on, I was sure no one could pull it off within 36 hours. To my surprise, within minutes I had multiple offers and received the funds the next day"


Jeff Goldsmith

Owner, Extreme Graphics

"Since we were only in business for 7 months, we were turned down by all of our local banks. Steve at Direct worked with us and was able to get us a line of credit that we have used ever since, will be 2 years next week!" 





Quick and Seamless Process with Affordable Results

Quick and Seamless with Affordable Results

Direct's business capital market place has it all from SBA & Term Loans to Working Capital with no collateral needed.  Options that work for your business.

Make the business loan process for simple and easy with Direct

We are committed to help more small businesses accomplish their goals.  Our marketplace for loans helps increase the approval rates for business owners by helping business owners identify lenders and programs that will work with and for them. 

Direct Merchant Funding offers flexible financing options for buisness owners who want to grow their small business intelligently with affordable capital options.  


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