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Wholesalers are constantly looking for new ways to improve productivity and efficiency. This requires access to new equipment, a large team, advanced technology, an accurate forecast of demand, and proper inventory pricing management.

Wholesalers and distributors do not normally lack the working capital to make these growth-related investments. The issue is a lengthy business cycle that can be easily slowed by external issues.

Wholesalers & distributors normally work with larger companies that can easily take up to three months to pay invoices. The end result is wholesalers only purchasing products when they can afford them. This makes them ineligible for time-restricted discounts or ordering in bulk to reduce costs.

Without a handle on-demand, it is common for wholesalers to over order inventory and have all of their capital in inventory. If this inventory does not sell fast enough the wholesaler may take be forced to sell the product at a loss just to get back some capital.

Direct Merchant Funding has funded numerous Wholesalers & Distributors. We can provide you the funding to improve your business and manage inventory to your advantage. Call us today to see how you can be our next success story at (877) FUNDING.



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