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Small Business Funding Options For Nightclubs & Bars

Every town has seen many nightclubs and bars come and go. The nightlife industry is arguably the riskiest and most competitive. The seasonality and the inconsistent streams of revenue that climb during during certain times of the year. This continuous ebb and flow cycle makes keeping employees difficult, and nightclub and bar employees come and go at the drop of a hat.

The constant need for equipment which tends to breakdown during the busiest times of the business. The price of local ingredients has increased over the years and maintaining a vast drink menu can prove to be difficult. These expenses are necessary to keep up with customer satisfaction.

Direct Merchant Funding has funded numerous Restaurants and Bars throughout our years in business. We can provide you the funding to improve your business and purchase marketing necessary for the growth of your company. Call us today to see how you can be our next success story at (877) FUNDING.



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