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Small Business Funding Options For Medical Offices

Doctors are always perceived to be very well off and never short on cash. Doctors will always have business because people are always getting sick. Doctors are paid very well for their practices, but their payment system is not efficient or rewarding.

Just like most medical industries doctors rely on insurance payments, patient co-pays and deductibles for their income. These three sources are normally not paid in full until a month after the patient was treated. These factors make it hard to know a Doctor’s monthly income to properly budget a business.

This money that could normally be used to pay monthly bills, unforeseen expenses, or growth-related investments. When a doctor is busy inventory gets used very quickly and they need to purchase more inventory. During this time, a Doctor may have to wait for insurance payments to be able to purchase that inventory. When running a business, the longer you wait to cover an expense the higher the chance of another expense appearing.

Direct Merchant Funding is honored to provide Small Business funding for Doctors, Healthcare and Medical Practices while waiting for insurance payments. This funding can help stay ahead while waiting for those payments and to purchase more inventory and new equipment. Our payment process is perfect for doctors and medical practices to cover immediate expenses or grow the business. Call us today to see how you can be our next success story at (877) FUNDING.



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