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All businesses require money to make money. Certain businesses need a lot of money just to stay afloat due to the high costs of labor. These businesses also tend not to receive money until after the project is completed. Construction contractors have to wait up to 4 months to be paid.

Jobs can take weeks to be approved, and even its acceptance contracts can take another couple weeks to be ironed out. Managing a contracting business can be near impossible with paying workers, fixing equipment, or funding their next project while all their capital is tied up. The construction industry is time sensitive and projects need to be completed on time in order to keep the contract.

Inclement weather and changing investors can also cause delays, while winter months can lead to almost no business for a contractor. Extended business cycles make it difficult for construction contractors to take on extra work, pay suppliers, and make smart financial decisions. Contractors do not have the luxury of time to make these decisions because the period in which they can do business is so short.

Direct Merchant Funding is a great company to get the funding for your construction and contracting business. We have experience with numerous companies in this industry and have seen them grow exponentially. Call us today to see how you can be our next success story at (877) FUNDING.



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